Rehoming Hens

Every year with the help of many amazing organisations like Brighton Animal Action, Fresh start for hens, BHWT, Raystede, the RSPCA and CIWF we re-home approx 9000-11000 of our girls to good homes.


We will be Re-homing our next lot of girls the first week in December 2016, they are 78 weeks old and still lay well, they are big and strong and fairly well feathered. If you?re interested please call us or send a message saying how many you would like, and we will be in contact nearer the time. We would charge between £2.00-£3.00 per bird depending on how many you have. You would need to bring suitable boxes or carriers to take them home in otherwise we will not let them leave. Please make sure you are prepared at home for the girls, they will need to have fresh food and water available and a clean comfy home safe from the fox or dogs.

We look forward to meeting you, and will help and advise with any problems. The Macs x

About The Mac’s

The Mac's Farm is a family run and owned farm, Susie Mac, her Husband Danny and two brother's Richard and Andrew all live and run an Organic Free Range egg farm near the beautiful South Downs.

Organic Farm Gate Sales

1/2 dozen organic free range eggs £1.75
Dozen organic free range eggs £3.30
Tray 30 Organic eggs mixed colours £4.25

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