Meet the Macs

We are a third-generation, egg farming family, based in the glorious Sussex Downs. As part of the Grassington Rangers family of farms,
we are producers of high-quality, free-range, organic eggs. Every day Susie Mac and her brothers, Richard and Andy, supply the supermarkets
with over 70,000 delicious, organic eggs – with a little help from their well cared for hens.

This is my Mum & Dad (Peter & Liz Barton).  They started Grassington Rangers 25 years ago, and were one of the first suppliers of
free range eggs to the major supermarkets.

The Mac’s Farm is part of this family company and have been producing eggs on this farm for the last 15 years.

When Mum & Dad started Grassington Rangers 98% of eggs consumed were from hens kept in battery cages.
Today, thanks to the pioneering work of people like my parents, the vast majority of eggs consumed are now free range or organic.

This major change has taken 25 years to achieve, and it’s thanks to people like you, who have voted with their shopping baskets,
that the hens you see here are able to enjoy a life which is safe and free.

Food safety is a major concern to us and you can be assured that our birds are among the healthiest in the land and guaranteed
free of diseases like salmonella, which was the curse of the intensive system.

Our amazing Grandma (99) was also involved in keeping hens and supplying local shops back in the 1920s . Farming has been in
our family for generations, and Grandma still keeps us all on our toes with her support and advice.

All our hens are reared on our own farms and come to us from one-day-old.  So, by the time they come into lay, aged about 20 weeks,
they think of us as Mum & Dad.  That’s why they follow you about if you use the footpaths on the farm.

Hens are skilful scavengers and love to get the early worm!  When we let them out early in the morning, we nearly get knocked over in the rush.

We hope you continue to enjoy our organic eggs either bought directly from us, or in the supermarkets.

You won’t always see our name on the boxes – but we hope you will enjoy the way they taste.

About The Mac’s

The Mac's Farm is a family run and owned farm, Susie Mac, her Husband Danny and two brother's Richard and Andrew all live and run an Organic Free Range egg farm near the beautiful South Downs.

Organic Farm Gate Sales

1/2 dozen organic free range eggs £1.75
Dozen organic free range eggs £3.30
Tray 30 Organic eggs mixed colours £4.25

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Meet The Macs

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