Re homing our girls – Help us to give our chickens the retirement home they deserve.

January will be a busy but rewarding month on the farm as we are re homing 5,200 of our hardworking girls!

Re homing is not normal farming practice and in this industry commercial chickens are not normally kept for any longer than 80 weeks. This is because as the birds get older, the quality of the egg shell sometimes deteriorates. This then can be a risk when going through a rigorous packaging process. However, after they have worked so hard for us and produced thousands of delicious eggs we feel it is only right that we try our best to find them new homes rather than send them to slaughter. As a family, this option best suits us and it is something we want to carry on in to the future.

Over the past 9 years we have worked with some amazing organisations who have helped us re home nearly 100,000 of our hens. Crating up our girls is a lot of work and it is not for profit. We just want to see them get the retirement they deserve.

Re homing and keeping hens in your back garden or small holding is becoming a very popular thing to do and we can completely understand why. The girls are so friendly, and they will continue to lay well for many years.

Please make sure you do your research before you commit to re homing and make sure that you are completely ready for them. We want our girls to go to suitable homes and be loved as much as we love them now.

The Mac’s Farm Re-homing Checklist

Have you got suitable boxes or carriers to take the girls home in?

Have they got a clean and comfy home ready for them to go back to with lots of space?

Have they got access to fresh food and water?

Is their home dog and fox proof? This is REALLY IMPORTANT to keep our girls safe. Only let them roam around your gardens when you are out there as well.

If you would like to give our next lot of girls a lovely retirement home then please email [email protected] and they will be able to help you and carry out all of the necessary checks.

Thank you so much

Love The Macs x


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