Deano’s Snake Shack



Education in the most important part of the Snake Shack! We open our doors so that people can come and meet our wonderful animals and learn a little bit about them, which is so important for so many reasons!

Busting the Myths– There are so many myths and misconceptions about these types of animals and that is just not right. They can often be portrayed as scary and creepy, or that they lack fear or feelings. This is simply not the case and they can be so loving and affectionate! It is so important that people get to spend time with these animals. To hold a snake and realise that it is not slimy, that a tarantula does have a cute side and that a bearded dragon absolutely loves a cuddle!

These animals belong in the wild– Deano and The Snake Shack believes that in an ideal world, none of these animals should be kept by humans and that they should be out in the wild in their own natural habitat, and only through education will things ever change.

Always rehome– All animals should be rehomed and rescued and not bought from the pet trade

Ready for rehome- We spend a lot of time educating people to make sure that they are ready to rehome one of their beloved animals. It is so important that they are educated beforehand and are completely ready for them at home.