Meet the Macs


Our Story

We are a fourth generation organic egg farming family who really love what we do! Our farm is located in the beautiful village of Ditchling in East Sussex.

The Mac’s Farm was bought in 1994 by Grandma and Grandpa, who were one of the first ever suppliers of free range eggs to the major supermarkets. Originally, our farm consisted of one shed that was used for pig farming. The farm has now been organic for 20 years and today we have a total of four chicken sheds housing a total of 18,000 organic free range birds or girls as we like to call them. Our girls work hard every single day to produce high quality, delicious eggs for us all to eat.

We open up our farm Monday-Saturday for egg sales, every summer for camping and throughout the year for family friendly events. Food, farming and environmental education is so important to us and is the driving force behind everything we do. We love what we do so much and what we love the most is being able to open up our farm and share it with you.

The Macs