THE MACS FARM BRAND REMOVED FROM TESCO STORES: Why we think that this is a step backwards in the farming industry

Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention by multiple consumers that our beautiful family egg box has disappeared from Tesco stores in the South East. We are so very sad about this and we have since been inundated with questions as to where they have gone.

As we have had no confirmation that this has happened or an explanation as to why, sadly we can only presume that they have been taken off the shelves to be replaced with another brand of Organic egg. This will be a generic brand and will be filled with eggs from various farms, including our own.

As many of you know, we have had our own brand of Organic Free-Range eggs in Tesco stores for years now, which in an amazing achievement for a family run farm like ours. Our lovely box represented a local family run farm that people could visit to meet the farmers and the chickens that produce the eggs that they eat.

We are so passionate about what we do and encourage consumers to know where their food comes from and make a connection between the farmers and animals, with the products that are on their kitchen tables.

Having our own brand in the supermarket allowed us to reach a wider audience and spread our important message about food and farming education. It opened the opportunity for all consumers to buy a local product, without having to go to a farmer’s market or a farm shop as that is just not possible for everybody.

To us, removing a local brand with a strong ethos from the supermarket shelves is a step backwards. Supermarkets could play such a key role in supporting local produce and family farms like ours at a time that is crucial. Family farms are disappearing so fast and it so important that everybody has their support before it is too late. Otherwise the only farming left in the future will be on a huge scale and it will becoming increasingly difficult to make the connection and know what journey your food and drink has been on.

In an ideal world, we would love our supermarkets to have an isle completely dedicated to all things local. We need to be celebrating our produce that farmers and animals work so hard to produce. We have so much to be proud of and smaller, local businesses should be put on a pedestal and get the recognition that they deserve.

If you agree and would love to see this as much as us, then remember that YOU HAVE ALL OF THE POWER. The only way things will change is if consumers speak up and get their voice heard. Do not be afraid to ask questions via social media or write to them and ask for yourselves. You can also make a huge difference to the way things are done by what you put into your shopping baskets every week. The supermarkets want to keep you happy and so consumer voices can be very powerful.

We are very sorry to those people that have been a voice for our family and farm by buying eggs from Tesco’s stores. We can’t thank you enough for all your support over the last few years.

We really hope that the supermarkets will start to support the hard-working family farms in this country. It must not always be about the best price. It should be about the best farm and best kept animals, cared for by the best farmers.

Love The Macs x



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