Deano’s Snake Shack


Deano’s Snake Shack ​

We are a small, reptile rescue centre based right here on the Macs Farm! It is run by Deano Mac and was started 8 years ago after he took on an abused corn snake (now named Rumplesnakeskin)! Taking on this poor animal made Deano realise how many unwanted reptiles there are out there, who are in desperate need of an amazing and loving forever home.

Because of the values that the Snake Shack holds, and the passion that Deano has for these animals, today it is home to over 20 different species! We open our doors for private sessions to educate the public on these amazing creatures, with the hope that it will ultimately have an impact on how they are viewed and treated.

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Deano's Story

Deano has always had such an interest and a passion for all animals and reptiles in particular! Check out his story and how the Snake Shack come to be home to over 20 different species!


Our Reptiles

The Snake Shack as such a variety of different reptiles, invertebrates and creepy crawlies! Check out some of the Snake Shack residents here!



All of the animals in The Snake Shack are rescued and our main aim is to find them a loving forever home with somebody who has the knowledge to give them everything that they need.


Visit the Snake Shack

The Snake Shack offers private sessions that allow you to come and meet and learn all about these incredible creatures!

We never take the animals out to visit other places and it is not always open to the public as this can be harmful and stressful to them. Visits and experiences must be booked in advance.


Our Values

  • Education is the key- click here to find out more
  • Deano believes that in an ideal world, no one would have these animals and they would be for us to enjoy in their natural habitat
  • Being open and honest about these animals and the industry
  • Deano never takes any animal out of the Shack for any reason other than to rehome them as this can cause them stress

“Sharing time with an animal in their natural habitat, in their world, is the most incredible experience that you can have”