Meet The Reptiles


Meet The Reptiles

We are a small, reptile rescue centre based right here on the Macs Farm! It is run by Deano Mac and was started 4 years ago after he took on an abused corn snake (now named Rumplesnakeskin)! Taking on this poor animal made Deano realise how many unwanted reptiles there are out there, who are in desperate need of an amazing and loving forever home.

Because of the values that the Snake Shack holds, and the passion that Deano has for these animals, today it is home to over 20 different species! We open our doors in the form of birthday parties, school visits and private sessions to educate the public on these amazing creatures, with the hope that it will ultimately have an impact on how they are viewed and treated.

Mr Pickles

Giant African Bull Frog

Species- Giant African Bull Frog

Habitat- Fresh Water Lakes, Shrublands, Savannah

Diet- Insects, small rodents, reptiles, small birds and other amphibians

Life expectancy- 20-40 years

Mr Pickles’ Snake Shack Story- Mr Pickles was an unwanted pet. This species is the 3rd largest from in the world and they love to eat which means they are very expensive to feed. They also do not do much and stay in the same position and spot all of the time so unfortunately people get very bored of them very quickly. We absolutely love Mr Pickles and think he is amazing. He is now living happily in The Snake Shack.

Reggie and Red

Bearded Dragons

Species- Bearded Dragons

Habitat- Arid woodlands and deserts

Country of origin- Australia

Diet- A variety of bugs such as cockroaches, locusts and grasshoppers

Life expectancy- 10-15 years

Reggie and Red’s Snake Shack Story- Reggie and Red were unwanted pets who were bought for a three-year-old girl, who unfortunately didn’t have the knowledge of skills to care or look after them properly. They often had their nails painted and were dressed up like dolls. They also did not have enough calcium which caused red to become blind in one eye. They are now living happily in The Snake Shack nail varnish free!


Flat Rock Scorpion

Species- Flat Rock Scorpion

Habitat- Sandy and rocky terrain

Country of origin- South Africa

Diet- In the wild, their diet would consist almost exclusively of molluscs but in captivity, they eat locusts and crickets

Life expectancy- 6-8 years

Dwayne’s Snake Shack Story- Dwayne was a wild caught animal from South Africa. The living scorpion was sold to the pet trade, shipped over to the UK and went to be sold in a local pet store. Dwayne was wrongly sexed and was being sold as a male! In fact, she is a female and was pregnant after mating in the wild. Three days after she arrived at the Snake Shack (and us being told she was a male), she popped out 27 baby scorpions!


Corn Snake

Species- Corn Snake

Habitat- Forests, over grown fields and unused farm buildings

Country of origin- United States

Diet- Rodents, mice or small rats

Life expectancy- In the wild there snakes usually live for around 6-8 years, but in captivity can live to an age of 20+ years!

Rumple’s Snake Shack story- Rumple was where the Snake Shack begun. He was the very first animal that was taken on. He was having an awful time as his previous owner was putting cigarettes out on him. When he first came to the Shack he was badly burnt and had a tough time trusting people. Today he is the most loving and affectionate snake, who has is forever home at the Snake Shack.