Organic Free Range Egg Sales

It is with regret that from December 2015 we will be slightly increasing our gate sale prices. We have not increased the price of our eggs for our gate sale customers for the last 5 years, instead we have absorbed the increasing costs of animal feed, and production costs while retaining the prices we charge for eggs to our loyal customers.

We will be increasing our egg prices across the board, both by the tray and by the dozen, and will be making the increase with effect from 1st December 2015.

As you can see these prices are still great value for ORGANIC free range eggs, and you can guarantee they are always freshly laid for you direct from the farm, as we never buy in eggs from anyone else. You also get to see the farm and chickens throughout the year, either enjoying the sun or hating the rain !

We cannot thank you all enough for supporting our family farm, we are always blown away that anyone will drive up our bumpy track just to buy our Organic free range eggs and see the girls playing in the fields.

We really appreciate our loyal customers and we hope that you will continue to support us and our Organic farm and come and visit.

Organic Free Range Eggs

1/2 dozen organic free range eggs £1.70
Dozen organic free range eggs £3.20
Tray 30 Organic eggs mixed colours £4.00
Tray 30 "Garde A" eggs £5.25
Double Yolkers when available please ask
Pullet eggs ( 30) when available £4.00

Mini eggs (pullet eggs) eggs available:

Mid June 2016 and Mid Feb 2017

They should last approximately 3-4 weeks.

Amazing Organic eggs that taste great and have big yolks!

1/2 dozen organic free range eggs £1.60
Tray 30 Organic eggs mini eggs £3.50

Open Everyday from 9 till 12


About The Mac’s

The Mac's Farm is a family run and owed farm, Susie Mac, her Husband Danny and two brother's Richard and Andrew all live and run an Organic Free Range egg farm near the beautiful South Downs.

Organic Farm Gate Sales

1/2 dozen organic free range eggs £1.70
Dozen organic free range eggs £3.20
Tray 30 Organic eggs mixed colours £4.00

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