Merry Christmas from us all at The Macs Farm!

I absolutely love this time of year as things are a little quieter for us. We do get asked all the time what it is like on our farm over Christmas and New Year and our answer is always the same….. It is pretty similar to any other day of the year! We are lucky enough to spend Christmas day with the ones that we love but our day is a little different to most as we have to fit it around the farm and our chickens.

Our farm and our animals always come first and even though we have asked them very nicely to hold off, all of our 18,000 hens will continue to lay their eggs on Christmas day. A farm never shuts down and the agricultural industry never closes, which means we are open 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Animals still have to be continuously checked on throughout the day. They have to be fed and watered and all of their delicious eggs need to be collected. If there are any problems, these have to be addressed immediately and there are always amazing people like vets on call over the holiday period.

This is the world of British farming and the life of farmers who work hard every single day of the year to produce amazing food and drink for us all to consume. So when you sit down to your meals over Christmas and the new year, spare a thought as to how that product has ended up on your plate or in your glass. As well as being absolutely delicious, it has been on a time consuming and costly journey, which gives you even more reason to appreciate your food, drink and your incredible British producers.

We are forever grateful that our family run farm has the support of so many people. No matter whether they have camped with us during the summer, rehomed some of our girls or have driven up our bumpy track to buy our eggs, we appreciate it more than they know.

Have a wonderful Christmas

Kelly x

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