Wholesale Eggs

The Macs


Wholesale Eggs​

We love working with wholesalers who share our values and passion for local produce and honest farming. There are so many amazing businesses out there who are now using our freshly laid organic free range eggs.

It has never been so important to know where your food is coming from and by working with us, we can guarantee just that! You will get to meet us as a family (and our amazing chooks) and truly appreciate how we get our eggs from the farm to the table. 


Delivery Service

We are so excited to now have a small delivery round and are dropping our eggs off to local businesses in Mid/West Sussex. At the moment, this is only a small round but it is something that we hope to grow. Our minimum order is currently 6 trays (15 dozen).

If you would like to enquire about wholesale business or our delivery round then please use the form to get in contact- we would love to hear from you!